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BE ENCOURAGED | Tiffany A. Green

Backlash is normally proof that you’ve done or are doing something amazing.

When you step out to accomplish a huge goal you will have haters.

I had haters in my circle when I published my first anthology. Just hold on, it will pass but one thing it won’t do is STOP you. Continue doing what you are doing. You’ll keep going and be great, they’ll still be complaining about nothing, living miserable lives and hating on the next person doing what they don’t have enough courage to do.

As the haters are exposed and removed you’ll be making room for your true supporters. Those who just love what you are doing and want to join in. They’ll be winners themselves, and ready to connect with others like yourself who are winning.

Don’t you see the circle gets bigger and bigger? Security is tighter and tighter because now you have other eyes and ears that will recognize a hater in the camp.

The focus is real. You were born to be amazing, work your gifts, and live the amazing life God already gave you permission to live. ❤️

I’m rooting for you to keep going. 💃🏽
Tiffany A. Green